“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail”

Ralph Waldo Emerson


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            It is our pleasure to introduce you to RAVEN (Research Articles Validation ENvironment), the groundbreaking online system specifically built to validate the quality of the articles submitted to the Central Asian Journal of Global Health. This is an automated online service which allows you to enter parts of your article into the system and receive instant feedback on the quality of your manuscript. RAVEN will help you to assess if your manuscript is ready to be submitted to CAJGH. As you know, the goal of CAJGH is to provide authors from developing countries with improved opportunity to publish and help them to become better scientific writers. This is the further step in this direction alongside with our mentoring system, which helps our authors to improve the language, methodology, and structure of their manuscripts. We believe that we are the first journal to introduce online article validation system into the scientific publishing process, and we are proud to bring this innovation to our authors. You can access RAVEN using the following link: http://tutorials-5693a-env.us-east-2.elasticbeanstalk.com.

            We want to thank a group of talented software developers from School of Information Sciences, University of Pittsburgh: Maya Bayer, Taqwa Khogeer, Huao Li, Katherine Rodgers, Yue Sun under supervision of Peter Brusilovsky for making RAVEN possible.

We also would like to thank people who responded to our Call for Editors. Our International Editorial Board is now joined by the excellent group of professionals and leaders in their respective fields: Andrej Grjibovski, Arcady Putilov, Chelsea Pallatino, and Maxim Filipenko.

Article of the month:      

The increase HIV transmission is extremely important public health issue in Central Asia and other former Soviet Union republics. The primary tool in preventing HIV transmission is knowledge, which is addressed in a recent article published in CAJGH “A Comparison of Comprehensive HIV/AIDS Knowledge Among Women Across Seven Post-Soviet Countries” by Zainiddinov and Habibov:

“…We found that the percentage of women who could correctly identify all five modes of HIV/AIDS transmission and prevention was highest in Eastern European countries of Belarus (34.98%) and Ukraine (31.67%). Across all countries, the strongest predictors of comprehensive HIV/AIDS knowledge were age, education, and region of residence. Marital status, area of residence (urban vs. rural), and household wealth were significant predictors for several countries...”

Please see the full text article and many others in the link below: http://cajgh.pitt.edu/ojs/index.php/cajgh/article/view/295     

We are looking forward to your submissions in this research area and others!

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Central Asian Journal of Global Health is an annual journal aimed at everybody working in the fields of public health and medicine. Specifically, it aims to focus on the geographic region that is oftentimes not sufficiently highlighted by existing journals, Central Asian countries. In addition to research in Central Asia, the journal is opened to submissions from other countries.  It provides forum for discussion for all aspects of public health, medicine, and global health in Central Asia and around the world. Central Asian Journal of Global Health is the only Central Asian journal that is referenced in PubMed (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/nlmcatalog/?term=CAJGH). We welcome contributions from established researchers, especially those working on cutting edge questions, but we are also keen to act as a supportive environment for new investigators and with those who never published in English language journals. 


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