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As the Editorial Board of the Central Asian Journal of Global Health we believe that your research is important for development of Health Sciences in the Central Asia. We hope that you might find interesting an editorial published in Central Asian Journal of Global Health titled "Why Does Kazakhstan Need New Scientific Journals?":


"Kazakhstan is young country located in the heart of the Eurasian continent. It was an integral part of the Soviet Union until 1991 and was primarily known for oil, mining, agriculture, as well as nuclear bomb testing. During the Soviet Era, Kazakhstan underwent industrialization and the country's economy shifted from purely agricultural to partially industrial. To provide cadre for the new industries, a large number of educational and scientific institutions were established; however, most of the scientific research was concentrated in the European part of the Soviet Union and was heavily government controlled.1Scientific developments were Moscow-oriented. Kazakhstani scientists published almost exclusively in Russian language journals and periodicals. As a result of this scientific isolation, Kazakhstani scientists were not known outside of the former USSR region, which became evident after Kazakhstan gained its independence. Currently, Kazakhstan is seeking integration into the international scientific arena, which is one of the goals of the 2050 development strategy..."


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What do you think about this situation with lack of internationally recognized scientific journals in Kazakhstan? Please let us know as we very much value opinion on this subject.


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