“There is no sincerer love than the love of food“

George Bernard Shaw


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As you may have heard, Kazakhstan has become one of the nations that boast the presence of both McDonalds and Starbucks. McDonalds has opened in the country’s capital of Astana and Starbucks has opened in the Kazakhstan’s largest city of Almaty, both enjoying an extremely busy opening day. Whereas the opening of Starbucks was relatively uneventful, the opening of McDonalds, covered by the New York Post, spiked a large controversy about the impact of this event on nation’s health over Kazakhstani social media. Some groups of experts predict negative impact on national health for areas such as obesity, especially among children, while others argue that it not a big deal, as long as consumers are careful of what they eat. As a global health journal, we are interested in the impacts on health by global food chains such as McDonalds and Starbucks in your countries. What do you think is the impact of fast food chains on population health? Do you have an opinion? While you are enjoying a meal or a cup of coffee in your favorite restaurant, why don’t you read some of the articles from CAJGH and share some of your articles with us? CAJGH articles can be easily submitted onlinehttp://cajgh.pitt.edu/  


ARTICLE OF THE MONTH. Have you ever heard of Kainar Syndrome?

“Kainar Syndrome was originally described in the late 1950s as a health condition associated with increased bleeding, hair loss, fainting, and fatigue. The name “Kainar” came from the village in Kazakhstan where most of the affected patients resided. Initial explorations of the etiology of Kainar Syndrome identified radiation exposure and insufficient levels of vitamin C as risk factors for the syndrome…”
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Meanwhile, Nowryz was celebrated in Washington


Seventh Annual Gala Event on celebrating Nowryz – the Spring arrival – was held in Washington last Saturday, March 12. The White House, United States Congress, Heads of Sates, Foreign Ministers and high-ranking diplomats, civilian and military leaders have all joined to share the joy of the Nowryz celebration.  For the first time in recent history, Afghans, Azeri, Georgians, Iranians, Iraqis, Kazakhs, Kyrgyz, Tajiks, Turks, Turkmens and others come together to renew their bonds of friendship. During the celebration representatives of the above mentioned countries arranged the ethno festival presenting their national spirit and traditions.

We would like to congratulate you with the upcoming Nowryz and wish you the prosperity that comes with the spring into your lives, and, of course, research! May your bauyrsak be hot, Nowryz kozhe sweet and weather warm! 



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