Current Impact, Future Prospects and Implications of Mobile Healthcare in India

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Rishi Kappal
Amit Mehndiratta
Prabu Anandaraj
Athanasios Tsanas


India has a diverse geographical landscape and predominately rural population. Telemedicine is identified as one of the technological pillars to support healthcare services in this region, but is associated with high cost and complex infrastructure, thus restricting its wider use. Mobile-based healthcare (m-Health) services may provide a practical, promising alternative approach to support healthcare facilities. India has a high mobile user base, both in cities and in rural regions. The appropriate identification of mobile data transmission technology for healthcare services is vital to optimally use the available technology. In this article, we review current telecommunication systemsin India, specifically the evolving consensus on the need for CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access - a wireless technology used by leading international and national operators. This technology is deployed in 800MHz band making it economically viable and far reaching with high quality of services) to continue its operations in India along with mobile healthcare services. We also discuss how healthcare services may be extended using m-Health technologies, given the availability of telecommunications and related services.


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Kappal, R., Mehndiratta, A., Anandaraj, P., & Tsanas, A. (2014). Current Impact, Future Prospects and Implications of Mobile Healthcare in India. Central Asian Journal of Global Health, 3(1).
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Rishi Kappal, MindActiv, Pune; MIT School of Telecom Management, Pune

Professor of management with 20+years of corporate experience. BE, LLB, PG in Management.


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