Community Readiness for Increasing Older Adult Physical Activity Levels in Kazakhstan

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Aniyar Izguttinov
Assel Ainabekova
Miruna Petrescu-Prahova
Suzanne J. Wood


Introduction: Physical activity is proven to be a significant element of successful aging, but many seniors worldwide fail to achieve the recommended levels. This study aimed to assess the readiness of the community in Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan, to act on the issue of physical inactivity among older adults.
Methods: In order to achieve this purpose, we conducted qualitative interviews with key informants in the community and applied a validated community readiness tool.
Results: The results suggest that the local community is at early stages of readiness to act on the issue of older adult physical inactivity. We identified a number of barriers that prevented seniors from leading active lifestyles, which included community misconceptions about older adult physical activity, family centeredness in older adulthood, scarcity of resources, passive support from the leadership, and lack of efforts in the community. Research findings also highlighted the importance of conducting in-depth analysis of key informant responses in addition to calculating readiness scores, when using the community readiness tool.
Conclusion: Community-specific strategies for enhancing the level of physical activity among seniors are required to offset the disease burden associated with aging and to prolong life expectancy in Kazakhstan, and it is of paramount importance to tailor potential efforts as to address the current readiness of the community and its needs.

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Izguttinov, A., Ainabekova, A., Petrescu-Prahova, M., & Wood, S. J. (2020). Community Readiness for Increasing Older Adult Physical Activity Levels in Kazakhstan. Central Asian Journal of Global Health, 9(1).


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